PRODASO specifically offers manufacturing companies the opportunity to drive digital transformation quickly and comprehensively, for sustainable, cost-efficient, and transparent production. Digitalization status, manufacturer, and age of machines are not relevant to us, and incomplete isolated solutions are a thing of the past.

Smart – Monitoring & Smart – Analytics offers you comprehensive networking and real-time monitoring of your entire machinery fleet and all production processes. With user-friendly dashboards, you have the ability to quickly access all relevant information at a glance and react promptly. Thanks to the comprehensive networking, you can optimize production processes and quickly identify and resolve bottlenecks or malfunctions. The real-time overview allows you to always keep track of production and make adjustments as needed to achieve higher efficiency. The user-friendly dashboards are intuitive to use and offer a variety of functions and options. This allows you to easily and quickly manage and optimize your machinery fleet and production. With our product, you can take your production to the next level and significantly increase efficiency and productivity.

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