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DeepPRO provides the full overview! DeepPRO provides a wide range of evaluation options and key figures based on your machine and operational data in clear dashboards. And all of this is available in real-time at any time: you can determine quantities and times, detect errors and anomalies, collect data for predictive maintenance, learn about machine utilization, downtimes, and causes of malfunctions, improve planning quality, log scrap and quality data, and receive notifications for defined events.
Say goodbye to paper notes and different data sets in production and use the new transparency to focus on what matters: increasing productivity, avoiding waste, improving quality, higher delivery reliability, and lower capital commitment.

Start in days, not months, and discover the power and possibilities of DeepPRO. Even after just a few days, the first improvement potentials in your production can be identified and implemented without lengthy and elaborate maintenance of master data.

Follow the data, because there are no predefined optimization routes with DeepPRO. Since DeepPRO can identify previously unknown patterns in production processes and workflows based on the data, you can recognize the biggest levers for improvements in production based on the data.

Expand DeepPRO according to your needs by connecting it to all relevant machines and accessing it from any number of workstations. This way, DeepPRO can be used independently of location at any time.


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