Turn your visitors into highly qualified leads

Touch & Collect - that's how it works

As part of your EasyGo package, all exhibitors will receive an NFC reader to increase the overall impression for visitors. The wireless reader at your stand transmits your product and company information, which you have uploaded in your My Easyfairs account, digitally to the visitors.

A Smart Badge is an intelligent visitor badge. It enables visitors and exhibitors to exchange contact data and information digitally.

As soon as visitors touch your reader with their visitor badge, they collect all information about your company and products that you have uploaded to your My Easyfairs account. At the end of the day of the trade fair, visitors will receive this information as a trade fair summary by email. In return, you will receive the data of all visitors who have touched your reader with the visitor ID. We will send you this list by email at the end of the trade fair.

Make sure that your company profile in your My Easyfairs account (company data, products and contact information) is up to date. The visitor receives this information digitally if he has touched your reader at the stand with his ID card.

You will get the ready-to-use reader on a standardized stand on the set-up day. You can postion the readers as you like.

At the end of the fair, the reading devices will be collected by our team.

Please make sure that you can find the reader on your stand on the first day of the fair. If not, please contact the trade fair team immediately, as the display and the reader are part of your stand package and must be returned at the end of the trade fair.

Benefits for you as an exhibitor

Visitors can easily get your company and product information just by touching the reader with their badge. They will receive this information by email. Even visitors you did not speak to may have collected some information on your stand.

If you provide some of your company and product information in digital format, you will need fewer hardcopy brochures, catalogues and other materials, saving you some printing and transport costs. Plus, visitors do not have to carry heavy documents around the event, so there is less risk they will “lose” it.

Visitors who touch your reader with their badge at your stand get your information in a digital format, which makes it easy for them to share with colleagues and friends via email or social media.

You will get an electronic listing of everyone who collected your information. No more time-consuming import of business cards or contact forms.