F.I.T. LASER (Funnel Integrated Technology Laser)

Ready to integrate & secure laser marking unit for production lines F.I.T. LASER is an all-in-one solution that combines all the necessary components & settings to mark your parts in a simple, safe and competitive way within your production line. F.I.T. Laser links all the necessary elements to run in line a Class 1 laser unit to mark
your parts. For the protection of the laser head, the laser beam is concealed inside a funnel, sealed at the end. Connecting your PLC to F.I.T. Laser is extremely simple. A single Profinet or Ethernet IP connexion ensures a fast and easy integration. Integrated compensation within the funnel ensures a perfect marking. The funnel is
designed to absorb variations in part dimensions. This device avoids the integration of a costly & fragile electronic autofocus. To ensure accuracy & performance over time, F.I.T Laser integrates specific features & accessories ensuring the protection & optimal operation of the unit.

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