Antennas for M2M/IoT and special applications such as train, navy and smart metering


MC Technologies is your competent partner for all antenna questions. We offer a wide and deep range of mobile radio antennas for a wide variety of applications. From classic industrial, remote maintenance, smart metering or 5G applications to special antennas for outdoor use or installation on machines, vehicles, buses, trains or ships – as a leading antenna distributor, MC Technologies always has the right antenna for your application.

We offer antennas for a wide range of installation and mounting situations, whether for soldering or for magnetic, adhesive, screw or mast mounting and from simple SMS applications to complex, data-intensive applications in the LTE/5G network. In addition, our product range also includes antennas in the ISM and VHF/UHF range, as used in building technology (WMBUS) or in marine radio.

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