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Everything made of metal – stamping, embossing, engraving, contract stamping and a little more

Stamping metal parts, embossing metal parts and engraving metal parts – F. Gladtfeld GmbH has excellent expertise in these areas. With modern eccentric presses and automatic punching machines, embossed signs, etched signs, sheet metal labels, identification plates, identification tags, test plates for chains and aluminium tags, among other things, are produced. The manufacturer of stamped parts supplies many customers from the mechanical engineering and plant construction industries as well as from the furniture and construction industries. In addition to the high production quality of individual pieces and large series, Gladtfeld is characterised above all by the fact that individual wishes and specific requirements of the customers are precisely implemented. All common types of metal with a thickness of up to 10 mm are processed. Thanks to cooperation with a partner company, it is also possible to carry out plastic injection moulding work and thus produce ready-to-install parts.

Modern machines and in-house toolmaking

Stamped and bent parts are manufactured with finely tuned machinery. The automatic punching presses work at a speed of up to 300 strokes/min with a pressing force of 800 kN. Eccentric presses perform up to 120 strokes/min at 1,600 kN, hydraulic presses 30 strokes/min at 2,500 kN. With this equipment, production series in punching and drawing can be manufactured economically and with the highest precision. The same applies to the other production areas: The manufacturer for embossed parts, engravings, etched and printed signs also delivers the best quality and high precision here.
The punching and bending tools required for production as well as complex progressive dies are manufactured in-house at Gladtfeld GmbH to ensure process-reliable production. Customers also have the option of providing their own tools for their orders. These can be stored and maintained in the company.

Service and assembly included

Just like the customer’s own tools, pre-materials are also taken over. If desired, these can be subjected to further mechanical processing and surface treatment. The company also offers the assembly of subassemblies, packaging and completion of a wide range of components, including logistics and shipping.

With its quality and comprehensive range of services, Gladtfeld successfully maintains its long-standing and intensive business relationships.

Founded in 1912, F. Gladtfeld GmbH can look back on more than 100 years of company history. After four generations, the family-run business was transferred to new owners in 2019. Today, the managing partner is Wilhelm Möller, a mechanical engineer with many years of experience and extensive know-how in metal construction. After the company invested in new employees, machinery, logistics and, last but not least, further digitalisation, Gladtfeld currently employs 15 people. The production area is 2,500 sqm, the total company area 7,500 sqm.



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