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assemblean is your partner for the entire production process for components / modules / products – from procurement to manufacturing & assembly to shipping. We take over the coordination of all producers and processes from the first inquiry to the delivery.

assemblean started in May 2021 as a spin-off from the Heinz Nixdorf Institute at the University of Paderborn. The idea for assemblean was born out of the founding team’s PhD projects, previous startup building, and previous years of experience in companies and projects. We have seen how difficult it is even for established companies to ramp up production for a new product. At the same time, we have experienced ourselves how much more complex it is in a startup to build this up for a completely new innovation without existing production. And even once production is up and running, instead of the rigid booking of orders that is common today, the supply chain can be much more flexible and better coordinated with software support. This is what we want to achieve with assemblean and give startups and medium-sized companies in particular the tools to bring innovations to market faster, better and at the same time more cost-effectively.





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