The Markforged X-Series – Powerful, Precise & Elegant.


▪ Industrial Additive Manufacturing
▪ Best detail resolution and accuracy
▪ Industrial materials
▪ Larger installation space

Markforged’s X-Series includes four 3D printing systems tailored to different needs. Highlighting the X7 model, the powerhouse of the X-Series for all types of functional parts. Create industry-standard parts in a matter of hours and fundamentally optimize your manufacturing operations. With carbon fiber-reinforced material, you’ll get parts with aluminum-strength ratings and easily meet functional requirements such as flame retardancy or chemical resistance.

Industrial reliability and accuracy, along with precision-engineered hardware, advanced sensors and unique software, drive the X-Series’ industry-leading quality. Only Markforged industrial 3D printers offer micron-scale laser scanning for closed-loop calibration, reliably delivering parts with 50 μm repeatability and industry-leading surface finish.

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