Mini-inline – Laser protection nose for integrable laser markers

Simplify your laser marking machine integration with our Mini-inline: this laser safety concept protects the laser beam and facilitates particle extraction while freeing you from the costs and constraints of a class 1 laser enclosure.

No need for a bulky class 1 laser housing, the Mini-inline isolates the laser beam while the safety sensors make sure the part and Mini-inline are present: maximum laser engraver safety for the operator and his work environment.

Thanks to its size, the Mini-inline is easily added to your existing production line. It allows the integration of our industrial laser marking system in very narrow areas, to engrave the necessary information on a wide range of parts.

This accessory has the advantage of being cheaper than a class 1 laser protection housing: lower purchase price, and no pre-study cost for the final installation. In addition of the time saved installing the Mini-inline on the laser marker.


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