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M-Series Pro – Precision laser system, multiple automation options

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The new M-Series Pro – function dictates form.

Every aspect of the M-Series has been engineered for performance. State-of-the-art laser systems, precise gantry axes, intelligent camera systems and a wide range of automation options.

Your advantage:

Pro Laser –
Your application determines the configuration of the laser.
The M-Series Pro is designed for different laser sources.

Whether metals, plastics, coatings or changing composites: the modular design allows you to use the laser you need.

Here, we have a large selection of laser sources from well-known manufacturers. We determine which laser is exactly right for you based on extensive tests on your application. Based on the results of the tests in our test lab, we select exactly the laser source for the M-Series Pro that ideally meets the requirements of your application.

Pro Camera –
See, detect and control.

State-of-the-art, high-resolution camera systems combined with integrated 2D and 3D image processing turn the M-Series Pro into an intelligent production machine.

The integration and networking of precise cameras and highly specialized industrial sensors enable future-proof, process-reliable and flexible automation.

Your options:
– Precise, visual setup with the unique OptoSkop®.
– Bin picking – camera guided robotics
– Optical part detection – 2D detection (flat parts) using contrast, edge detection and shape matching
– Optical verification and evaluation of results (OCR)

Pro Automation –
The M-Series Pro increases your productivity and quality!
If you, too, are faced with the challenge of consistently producing reliably at a high level and, above all, economically in order to remain competitive: The M-Series Pro is designed for automated production!


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