Weighing beams new in the program


Weighing beams from OMEGA Waagen GmbH are available in various lengths from 800 mm to 2,000 mm and with weighing capacities up to 3,000 kg. The use of weighing beams to construct an individual scale is very easy. The complete weighing technology is already installed. The self-construction only has to be put on the weighing beams.

Weighing range up to 600 kg, resolution 100 g
Weighing range up to 1,500 kg, resolution 200 g
Weighing range up to 3,000 kg, resolution 500 g

Protection class according to ISO 20653 / DIN EN 60529
A high degree of protection is required for industrial applications, especially in the food and chemical industries. A high degree of protection is also useful in agriculture. Our weighbeams are equipped with weighing technology of protection class IP67. This allows temporary submersion and outdoor use. On request, weighing technology of protection class IP69K can also be installed. This ensures protection against the penetration of moisture even when cleaning with a steam or high-pressure cleaner.

Production location Germany – still efficient?
We produce our scales exclusively in Germany, as do our weighing beams. At our production site in Vechta we can directly influence the product quality and intervene in a timely and targeted manner. We compensate for the higher production costs in comparison to low-wage production through above-average product quality. Our customers expect sophisticated and well thought-out technology.

Longer delivery times can be excluded through on-site production. A further compensation lies in lower storage costs. We can limit our storage capacities and thus save costs.

OMEGA Waagen GmbH – Precision in perfection

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