New DIN rail enclosure according to DIN 43880
Bopla Gehäuse Systeme GmbH

New DIN rail enclosure according to DIN 43880

With the new CombiNorm-Control product, BOPLA is offering its customers a DIN rail enclosure whose shape factor corresponds to DIN 43880 for installation devices.



BOPLA’s Mathias Bünte explains, “CombiNorm-Control is especially interesting for applications in the building automation sector or in so-call smart homes. The German DIN 43380 has established itself as an international standard in this field of application.” CombiNorm-Control has a typical “T-shape” design, and the front part of the enclosure is dimensioned in such a way that it can fit through a standardised panel cut-out with a height of 45 mm. In the rear section there is assembly space on both sides for connection terminals.

Of course, for a standardised enclosure system the width is also defined precisely and stated in “M” module widths (1M = 17.5 mm). CombiNorm-Control is available in five different standard widths, and more versions are planned. As with all products in the CombiNorm series, the integrated DIN rail adapter makes possible fast, efficient mounting on a TS35 DIN rail in accordance with DIN EN 60715. For a fast start to a project, BOPLA offers its customers a complete set in every size with the matching terminals and standard accessories.

Although to a large extent the external enclosure design is determined by the DIN norm, the configuration can vary considerably, depending on the application. For this reason, CombiNorm-Control is mostly constructed in a modular way. The enclosure can be configured individually with the use of different front panels and terminal covers. The basic body consists of few individual components which can be latched together without the use of any tools.


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