NADELLA introduces new hardened telescopic slides


Nadella’s hardened telescopic slides are the ideal solution for applications requiring high duty cycles, heavy loads and continuous processes. Made entirely of steel, with cold-drawn profiles and induction-hardened raceways, it allows you to move heavy loads with a smooth rolling action and reduced backlash, thanks to its new optimised shape.
Each product is composed of a linear guide made of cold-drawn steel to ensure high load capacity and low deflection. The internal raceways, made from the new optimised shape to reduce friction and backlash, are induction hardened for high wear resistance and durability. The newly designed steel ball cage allows for smoother element sliding, controlled backlash and very high load capacity.
The new range of hardened telescopic slides includes the following products:
– Part-extension telescopic slides NTA-H, with a stroke equivalent to 50%-70% of the installation length.
– Full extension telescopic slides NTS-H, with a stroke equal to 100% of the installation length
– Linear guideways NTSF, with one or more return slides running within a fixed length

Nadella telescopic slides are currently available in three sizes 28, 33, 43 (size 63 will be available soon) and can be supplied in standard lengths and hole spacing as per our catalogue specifications or in several different configurations to suit customer requirements.

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