Improved manufacturing ability bending check


What is manufacturing ability check?
The drawing check is an important step in our production process, where drawings will be adjusted into high quality sheet parts.
In some cases the uploaded drawing cannot be produced according to our bending guidelines. The manufacturing ability check provides feedback to the customer with a possible solution for the drawings of the product.

The reason for development
The way in which you order with us will slightly change. Instead of waiting a few days for the feedback if the parts are accepted, you will be able to see right away if the parts are accepted after placing the quotation. You will be informed right away through a short report in which you can find possible solutions to adjust your drawings.

The manufacturing ability check will be used for:
– Minimum leg size
– Minimum Z-bend
– Minimum distance between two bending lines
– Maximum minimum bending angle
– Holes too close to the bending line

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