IHK 3D printing work group


Spangenberg, 18th February 2020: Mr Michael Dietzsch, the innovation and technology expert of the IHK Kassel-Marburg, visited the company WIKUS with the 3D printing work group. The speaker, Birk Hoppe from the technology development division of the Lübeck-based printer manufacturer SLM Solution, outlined the current possibilities and limits of 3D printing technology.

What happens after the parts are printed?

Head of R&D at WIKUS, Dr. Patrick Gleim, explained the downstream sawing process and talked about the latest findings. His presentation about the challenges connected to machining 3D printed parts was continued in a practical setting in the company’s sawing centre.
As far as metal 3D printing is concerned, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Kassel-Marburg is actively cooperating with the Institute for Material Technology at the University of Kassel and swapping findings. This is important for a better understanding of the various functions and possibilities of this technology. The 3D printing is becoming increasingly efficient and cost-effective and is leaving its niche status behind, which is why it is worthwhile testing this procedure in your own company and to improve your knowledge and know-how.

Fast retooling of the printers to meet rapidly changing requirements or printing spare parts and products at the customer’s premises are further advantages. Other advantages also include sustainability and cost savings thanks to lower material consumption. The technology has a potential that can challenge both market percentages and also the business models of various industries.

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