Electrostatic filter units with trolley


The new trolleys for the vertical filter units of the elstar series enable the user to achieve optimum air cleaning on machines that are only used intermittently or in hall environments where a fixed installation of the filter unit is not feasible. The smooth-running castors allow easy relocation of the filter unit. Two swivel castors with brakes allow the unit to be parked safely. The connection to the machine is either made via a spiral hose or the contaminated air is extracted via an extraction arm with a corresponding suction funnel.
The chassis solution is currently available for the elstar EL 600, the elstar EL 1000 and the elstar EL 1500, with extraction capacities from 600 to 1,500 m³/h. All units can be equipped with an activated carbon after-filter, thus guaranteeing the highest possible degree of purification. The chassis has a collecting canister in which KSS residues from the filter are collected. The canister can be removed and emptied very easily.





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