Elektronikgehäuse für IoT-Anwendungen
Bopla Gehäuse Systeme GmbH

Electronics enclosures for IoT applications

New: Euromas X – maximum protection for IoT electronics



For more than 50 years the classic Euromas industrial enclosures have been an integral part of Bopla Gehäuse Systeme GmbH’s product range. With two materials, basic designs and lid variants each, Euromas X satisfies the typical demands made of IoT devices – with no compromises! At the same time, and with its new sizes, the enclosure variant fills the gaps in the Euromas range.

The Internet of Things (IoT) requires the capture and processing of large quantities of data in almost all aspects of life and everywhere in the world. Operating the devices used for this purpose should, of course, be as easy as possible. Normally this means fewer and simpler keys and status displays which ideally are combined in a single membrane keypad. At the same time, the devices must be installed quickly and without any problems at the place of use – and when possible without any need to open the device.

Two materials, two basic designs and two lid variants
No problem for Euromas X. In all cases, the new enclosure, available with or without moulded-on wall brackets for problem-free mounting, has a recessed surface for the integration of membrane keypads. As for enclosure materials, the customer can choose between ABS for cost-optimised applications and polycarbonate (PC) for use in challenging circumstances. For Euromas X enclosures made of PC, and in addition to the opaque lid, BOPLA offers a crystal-clear lid. The classic Euromas enclosure colour is light grey (similar to RAL 7035).

Additional sizes
With regard to the sizes of the new Euromas X enclosure, BOPLA took into consideration the requirements of typical IoT devices. Numerous intermediate sizes and square designs fill a number of gaps in the Euromas range.


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