WVG alu-tec GmbH

WVG alu-tec GmbH

Über uns

In the last 20 years, WVG alu-tec GmbH has developed into a future-oriented, reliable partner for cast parts made of aluminum – especially in gravity die casting.

One of our strengths is our flexibility in realizing the ideas and requirements of our customers in connection with the manufacture of products that meet the highest quality standards. We manufacture cast aluminum components for a wide variety of sectors and industries.

Quality and customer satisfaction – WVG alu-tec GmbH has committed itself to these goals. The company has firmly established itself on the foundry market as a reliable provider of high-quality and innovative complete solutions.

– Competent advice and support in design
– Casting process simulation
– Construction including research and development (R&D)
– CAD / CAM systems including FEM calculation
– Mold and tool making
– Prototypes milled from aluminum or cast in sand
– Aluminum permanent mold casting (gravity and tilt casting)
– Mechanical machining
– CNC machining and contract manufacturing
– Surface finishing
– Final assembly and packaging
– Packing and logistics




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