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Systemtechnik Hölzer GmbH is a third-generation family business based in Kronberg. The main areas are depanelling, air bearing production and special machine construction. In the course of digitalisation and complexity of requirements, laser technology has become an important part of Systemtechnik Hölzer GmbH. The permanent and non-removable “marking” of objects is of extraordinary importance in industry and is also often required by law.

The marking
-ensures compliance with European directives on quality control
-enables traceability and improves efficiency
-protects against counterfeiting
Usually, names, addresses, type plates, numbers, business cards, data matrix codes, barcodes, QR codes or simple texts, serial numbers, article numbers, photos and individual images are lasered.
Traditional methods such as etching or embossing still work today, but laser marking is a more reliable, faster, more precise and, above all, more cost-effective method.
The traditional company Systemtechnik Hölzer GmbH has meanwhile specialised in the “marking” requirement. For some years now, we have specialised in the distribution of various high-quality CE laser markers within Europe. Special solutions can also be realised.
Our qualified service staff are always available to customers for individual requests and questions, also on site.

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