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Our customers from the mechanical and plant engineering sector benefit from our more than 20 years of experience in the field of training & education as well as maintenance & service. We understand the related value creation processes at our customers and offer standard as well as individual solutions. Our focus is to facilitate the work of experts in these areas with technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, among others.

AR and VR are gaining more and more attention in the industry and are the basis for digital optimization of processes. With our solutions, we reduce the complexity of this and make it easier to understand. Our augmented reality and virtual reality developments and applications redesign maintenance and training processes and bring people who are spatially far apart together virtually. This makes interactions with objects and machines possible that are unimaginable in the analog world. The effects are potential savings through more effective processes, less machine downtime and more efficient workflow management for sustainable cost reduction.

According to the requirements of our customers and the development within the industry, we have developed our business model. We have bundled the solutions of many requirements in one software. The FLUX SUITE is proof of this.

With its four applications, augmented reality, virtual reality or mixed reality and 360 degree technology, processes of machine maintenance and service as well as employee education and training can be optimized in a very variable and specific way. With the help of this form of digitalization, we enable our customers to go completely new ways!


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