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ph-cleantec GmbH

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With over 35 years of experience as a manufacturer of industrial cleaning equipment in Germany, we specialise in parts cleaning, machine cleaning and thermal disinfection of cooling lubricants.
Our technology has proven itself in the transport and metalworking industries.
Our unique operating principle is based on the combination of high temperatures with low pressure. The high temperatures – up to 95 °C – are ideal for dissolving all kinds of greasy, smeary and oily contaminants.
The low pressure – 7.5 to 14 bar – is sufficient to remove the dirt without damaging sensitive parts.
At the same time, our solution is gentle on health and the environment by recycling the cleaning medium (water, oil, coolant), not using chemicals, not using biocides and increasing occupational safety.
You save costs for working time but also for maintenance and partial breakage as well as for the purchase and disposal of chemicals, process water and cooling lubricant.
You reduce machine tool downtime and health risks.
They increase work safety and employee motivation and they help the environment.
Calculate with the payback calculator on our website and you will see that our system is also significantly less cost-intensive than the alternatives.




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