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We are manufacturers of compressed air driven blasting systems with any desired, feasible equipment and for a wide range of applications.
With simple, robust and compact standard units, special blasting units, which are tailored and innovatively adapted to the customer’s needs, up to complete blasting houses with sufficient compressed air technology for the processing of large workpieces, we serve our clientele professionally and uncomplicated. Our portfolio also includes the important area of maintenance and expert testing for the longevity of your blasting system and the sale of spare parts so that your machine is quickly repaired and ready for use.
Nature creates surfaces – so do we!
With our standard blasting plants, blasting halls or a user-specific special blasting plant you can create your desired surface… in addition, we supply you with the appropriate blasting medium and monitor the longevity of the plant through our OTI service by means of predictive maintenance / expert inspection and the supply of wear and spare parts.
These synergies enable us to offer you a complete solution in the field of surface treatment!
The production of compressed air-operated, compact blasting systems with the corresponding filter system is the core task and the heart of our company. We pack the injector and the pressure blasting process in our ergonomic, uncomplicated and stylish standard housings according to the modular principle with possible working area widths of 600 mm to 3,000 mm.
Ergonomics has become our main focus, offering a system where you can automatically adjust the height of the machine workspace up to 250 mm.
For those who are not satisfied with the basic equipment, there are many different additional equipment options available, which are adjusted and installed according to customer-specific requirements.
You have a system and find that you would like to have one or the other optional equipment after all? No problem, many of the options can be retrofitted, so that you then have your dream machine!
Or maybe you would like it to be your DREAM BEAMING HOUSE?



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