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KST Kugel-Strahltechnik has been the competent contract blasting company in the metalworking industry in Germany and neighboring countries for 38 years. Production companies thus relieve their process significantly. At KST, you use both conventional and unusual blasting media and processes.

The range of services in detail:

– Shot peening
– Cleaning blasting
– Deburring blasting
– Stainless steel blasting
– Glassbead blasting
– Sandblasting.

In addition, there is the automated sandblasting of large-format metal sheets as well as individual special treatments. Accompanying and logistical services such as oiling, packaging, order picking and storage complete the spectrum.

Outsourcing is an economical solution for manufacturing customers: In contrast to the in-house solution, costs for blasting work only arise when they are actually needed.

KST is one of the leading Job Shops for Blasting in Germany. Its technical equipment includes wheel blasting machines or compressed air blasting machines, overhead conveyor and belt blasting machines as well as blasting rooms. This enables a quick and flexible response to a wide variety of requirements – for bulk goods, rack goods and long material. The contract lamp processes large series as well as individual parts on its more than 25 systems.

The family company is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 and EN ISO 50001: 2011. The service provider processes orders just in time, with short routes and direct contact persons. A modern merchandise management system accompanies every project from delivery to collection.

KST Kugel-Strahltechnik is a founding member of the MetallNetzwerk NRW. The association of medium-sized metalworkers supplies the most important machining processes from a single source.
KST is also an active member of NetzwerkSurface, the competence network for surface technology e.V.


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