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As a traditional machine manufacturer and a highly modern machine park, KOLBUS is a reliable partner for state-of-the-art foundry technology, machining, sheet metal forming and component assembly.
Mechanical engineering at KOLBUS has been around for over 140 years.
The complex networked processes in production, ergonomic workstations with modern assistance systems and short distances are exemplary for the demanding standard in German mechanical engineering.
KOLBUS offers everything from one hand – from model and cast parts to finished parts and the entire procurement management such as material purchasing, allocation of machining processes e.g. turning, surface treatments e.g. hardening, finishing processes such as grinding and assembly.
The KOLBUS factory premises, covering some 45,000 m2 of built-up area, have sufficient space for the foundry, parts production and assembly with state-of-the-art storage systems, and form a good basis for the entire production organisation.

The KOLBUS foundry works with over 90% of its capacity for external foundry customers who appreciate the reliability and on-time delivery.

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