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At Geton Stainless-steel Industry people work with passion for precision, sheet metal and constructions, specialized in stainless steel and with a sharp eye for detail.
Geton is flexible and delivers their high quality products within incredible short lead-times.
Because of years of experience, craftsmanship and expertise in combination with a sophisticated machine park we are capable to fulfil our customer requirements very fast and efficient.
Of course we deliver a constant high quality with an excellent finishing level.
So Geton puts her expertise and passion on the markets of Medical and pharmaceutical applications and High-tech industries.
Geton is constantly seeking for technological innovations to enlarge our capabilities to serve our customers even faster and better.
Companies as ASML, Bosch, Philips, IMA Industries and John Bean Technologies are using the speed and skills of Geton Stainless-steel industry to build their successful machines.



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