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With over 75 years of experience, Georg Martin GmbH specializes in the manufacture and supply of various shapes and sizes of shims, notably laminated shims (Schichtblech), solid shims and edge bonded shims. We are the only manufacturer in Germany to process laminated shim stock, which is the raw material for laminated shims Laminum® (formerly M-Tech®L).

We serve a wide range of users, from complex aerospace projects and engineering assemblies to applications in drive technologies. Georg Martin also manufactures stamped, laser cut, punched and deep-drawn parts to meet the highest industrial demands, such as paper grippers in sheet-fed offset industries and power transmission parts in the automotive sector.

We have toolmakers and other highly skilled staff who specialize in developing die components. We design complex forming tools by using CAD/CAM. Working as a team, our 100 staff members ensure the cost-efficient production of high-quality parts.
Certificates of Quality:
– EN 9100
– ISO 9001:2008
– ISO 14001:2004


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